Minna Japanese dictionary v2.7.1 [Premium] APK [Latest]

Minna Japanese dictionary

Minna Japanese dictionary

The Best Japanese Dictionary for Beginners made by experienced Japanese teacher!

☆ Trusted content

Words selected by Japanese teacher. There are no useless words (ex. too old, hardly use, offensive).

☆ Offline dictionary

Do not need an internet connection.

☆ Many way of search

Search in Japanese (Romaji, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji), or meanings (English, Thai)

☆ Audio pronunciation

Every word recorded voice by native Japanese speaker. You can talk to Japanese people with this app.

☆ Beginner friendly function

●You can switch verb type “Masu form” and “Jisho form” (Generally, Japanese dictionary only has Jisho form, but beginners study in Masu form)
●”Romaji” is written in true pronunciation (Don’t have to mind about special rule of reading い and う)

☆ Minna No Nihongo

Suit for student who study with MinnaNoNihongo famous Japanese text book.

☆ For JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

Suit for N5, N4, N3 and N2 levels.

☆ Memorize function

●Flash card for memorize vocabulary.
●2 type of test mode ( “time attack” and “spelling test”) – you can improve both speed and preciseness.
●Make “My List” to customize own set of flashcard.

☆ Customize look and feel

Change color theme of dictionary.



Fix problem about audio file

★ Premium Features Unlocked ★


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  • Minna Japanese dictionary Screenshot


Minna Japanese dictionary v2.7.1 [Premium] APK / Mirror

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