Tense Master v1.7.0 (Ad-Free) APK [Latest]

Tense Master

Tense Master

The English tenses can be fun and easy to learn with exercises. Our app offers an unlimited number of exercises so you can repeat the same tests over and over and practice with different sentences each time. Language learners can also benefit from 72 lessons including sentence structure, examples and additional exercises.

The lessons cover all the different forms of the English tenses as well as various grammatical topics. The tenses you will learn about are the:

☆ Present Simple
☆ Present Continuous
☆ Present Perfect
☆ Present Perfect Continuous
☆ Past Simple
☆ Past Continuous
☆ Past Perfect
☆ Past Perfect Continuous
☆ Future Simple
☆ Future Continuous
☆ Future Perfect
☆ Future Perfect Continuous


Over 1,000,000,000 possible sentences
Over 70 lessons including examples
No Internet connection required
A variety of question types
Immediate feedback after test with correct answers
Free with no in-app purchases
Good preparation for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, GRE and GMAT

What’s New

Tense Master is here!


  • Tenses in English Screenshot
  • Tenses in English Screenshot


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